Commissions / Performances (selected)

Arauco, Ingrid Violiloquy

Asia, Daniel  Amichai Songs*

Barker, Jennifer M. Two Poems*

Bartlett, Kyle Blossom, ether, singularity*

Belcastro, Richard Caution, Rip Current*

Brodhead, Richard Je me souviens… Songs and Interludes for Soprano & Ensemble*;  Concerto in Light and Shadow*

Caine, Uri 4 Short Pieces for 2 Hands*

Capanna, Robert Songs of an Ancient Mariner, Book One*; Magic Numbers V: Hymns & Dances*

Chasalow, Eric  Shatter and Glide*

Chen, Shih-Hui Our Names*

Chen Yi …as like a raging fire…*; YangKo*

Chou Wen-chung Ode to Eternal Pine

Clearfield, Andrea Kawa Ma Gyur (The Unchanging Pillar)*; Lung-Ta (The Windhorse)*; always (light); fragments (love)*

Coleman, Gene Gadget*

Cotton, Jeffery Variation*

Cox, Christine Choreography for Primosch’s Dancepiece; Choreography for Hyla’s Amore Scaduto

Curran, Alvin E POI*

Currier, Sebastian Nightmazes*; Static

Davidovsky, Mario Simple Dances #2*

Dembski, Stephen Out of My System*

Djupstrom, Michael Three Months

Festinger, Richard Concerto for Piano and Nine Instruments*

Finko, David Two Poems by Stephen Dunn*

Fluellen, Jay Sonia Reflected*

Folio, Cynthia Two Songs on Poems by Stephen Dunn*; Music Box

Fujikura, Dai Halcyon*, Touch of Breeze, Cutting Sky, Okeanos Breeze

Garwood, Margaret Always; Fragments 2, 3, 4 (B.C. 536)*

Gill, Jeremy Dunn Songs*; Eliot Fragments*; Helian; Sons Découpés*

Greenbaum, Matthew Ovidiana*

Hallman, Joseph After The Burial

Harbison, John Right to Pleasure*; Crossroads**; Six American Painters

Hartke, Stephen The Blue Studio*

Hersch, Michael A Breath Upwards*

Higdon, Jennifer wissahickon poeTrees*; Zones*; Mr. Carter’s Notes*

Hyla, Lee Amore Scaduto*

Karchin, Louis Ricercare; Luminous Fields*

Kraines, Thomas Meditation and Toccata

Krzywicki, Jan Septet*; Bear’s Dance*; Lute Music; Catching Light*

Kuster, Kristin folding planes : frosted panes*

Laganella, David Unattainable Spaces*

Larsen, Libby Songs of Light and Love*

Levinson, Gerald At the Still Point of the Turning World, There the Dance Is*

Ludwig, David Lamentations*; Three Portraits of Isabella

Mackey, Steven Five Animated Shorts*

Maggio, Robert From Earth to Moon* and Vibrate*

Maneval, Philip Parables*; When Push Comes to Shove*; Tales of Purim*

Moe, Eric Spirit Mountain*; Repeat Offender*

Mumford, Jeffrey Two haiku settings: of place and love*;  a celebration of Elliott*

Na, Hyo-shin Second Song of the Midnight Battlefield

Neenan, Matthew Choreography for Maggio’s Vibrate

Primosch, James Dream Journal*; Dancepiece*;  Ariel Songs; Meditations on ‘Amazing Grace’*

Rakowski, David Gut Reaction*; Piano Quartet*

Ran, Shulamit Song and Dance*

Rands, Bernard Concertino for Oboe and Ensemble*; Walcott Songs: Midsummer, Tobago*

Ranjbaran, Behzad Concertino for English Horn and Strings*

Reise, Jay Concerto for Horn and 7 Instruments*

Reynolds, Todd Sounds for the New Royality*

Rudin, Andrew Portentum

Running, Arne SNIPPETS

Ruo, Huang Wind Blows

Schultz, Robert Autumn Squalls

Sheng, Bright Three Fantasies for Violin and Piano

Smith, Kile Poems of Stephen Berg*

Solitro, Tony Passages

Solot, Evan (for you); beijing; sonia’s blues*

Spratlan, Lewis Vespers Cantata: Hesperus is Phosphorus**

St. Pierre, Donald Morning Has Broken

Takemitsu, Toru Toward the Sea III; Le Fils des Etoiles

Thomas, Augusta Read Passion Prayers*; Bells*

Tsontakis, George Gymnopedies*

Wagner, Melinda Romanze with Faux Variations*

Walker, George Abu*

Weesner, Anna Early, After, Ever, Now*; Mother Tongues*

Wernick, Adam Always; Ibycus (fragments)*

Wernick, Richard The Name of the Game*

Whitman, Thomas At War’s End*; Quartet for Piano and Strings*

Wright, Maurice Darwiniana*; Taylor Series*; Tempus Carmenium*

Zankel, Bobby  Will the Cycle Be Unbroken*

Zhou Long Illusion*

Zwilich, Ellen Taaffe A Poem for Elliott*

*NNM Commission / World Premiere
** NNM co-commission