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History & Mission

Since its founding in 1984, Network for New Music has served audiences, composers, musicians and students, by presenting, commissioning and performing excellent music by living composers; and by performing outreach programs in area high schools, universities and other community venues. The superb Network for New Music Ensemble performs concerts of stylistically-diverse, high-quality contemporary music, helping to create and expand the repertoire for late 20th and early 21st century chamber music. Network has achieved national recognition for its success: in January of 2002, Network received the prestigious 2001 ASCAP Award for Adventurous Programming.

Network for New Music creates opportunities for composers to write important new works and for outstanding chamber musicians who live in the Philadelphia area to perform and enjoy new, challenging repertoire. Network also regularly invites world-renowned guest artists to perform new commissions and other repertoire with the Network for New Music Ensemble.

This is Network’s mission. Its history shows a continued devotion to this mission; Network’s commitment to the performance of new music, its commissioning program and its educational outreach activities are unmatched in the Philadelphia area and indeed are conducted at a level not often seen elsewhere. Network for New Music’s dedication to the presentation of contemporary music often takes the form of education and outreach, with the personal involvement of composers. Network encourages composer-audience interactions not only through the presentation of new works but by inviting composers to address audiences directly during performances of their works, as well as through pre-concert panels and lectures, open rehearsals, post-concert receptions, and more.

Network also plays an active role in developing audiences for new music, and in enriching the lives of young people, through a variety of concerts and activities at universities and high schools, which often include active participation in new music composition and performance by the students. Network is particularly effective in bringing together composers and musicians with audiences in an environment that communicates the passion and dedication of the organization to curious and enthusiastic listeners.